Solution portfolio...

Our current projects include...

Cyber Attack and Insider Threat Detection & Prevention; Simple to deploy solutions delivering next generation monitoring to protect any organisation’s critical IP, customer data and ongoing operations from malicious or negligent employee behaviour, advanced malware, zero-day and targeted advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks.

Health and Safety Management; Cloud-based SaaS solution that automates the process of management and compliance with any organisation’s health and safety commitments; from audits through data management to reporting, management and future planning.

Mobile Workforce Automation; Smartphone and PDA-based applications that automate and simplify the collection and distribution of information to and from corporate systems (Such as SAP, Oracle, Dynamics) and any mobile workforce.

Collaboration and Social Business Solutions; Solutions to improve customer service, engage and deepen client relationships, and build loyalty.  Empower own staff to rapidly create and adapt Web-based content and capture feedback instantly to engage and respond to changing client needs.  More effective reach mobile customers and connect with targeted content and streamlined user experiences.

Corporate Compliance; Cloud-based management for any regulated organisation needing to undertake, manage, prove and audit compliance with corporate policy or industry and government mandated regulations.

Next-generation Vehicle Telemetry and Driver Management; In-vehicle solutions for medium and large light goods vehicle fleet operators to track and manage the location and driving styles of company drivers; tracks individual driving styles to support driver training and improvement which can improve fuel efficiency by up to 20%.